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05-2-2015 00:28:31  #21

Re: Olympia SG3

Michael, I make more errors than I care to count every single day. I like to think that for us 'hardcore' collectors that it's far easier to start mixing up machines and features because we have so many of them committed to memory, but in my case I think the reality has more to do with age and an ever-shrinking brain... 


05-2-2015 09:18:51  #22

Re: Olympia SG3

Well I for one don't see any shrunken brains on this forum! I see helpful people, and Michael (as that's your name), it was you, simply seeing me and saying take it slow, that made me go back to have a rational look at that carriage. Which is now fixed, and it was a very easy fix. Thanks  (Editing in to say HA, just noticed I mentioned you in my typing! So there.)

Here's the text if anyone feels like puzzling it out... Part of me quite likes it, but I realise that isn't really an option! And although it seems to be affecting a random selection of letters, it is only on the bottom half, natch.

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Re: Olympia SG3

It's not just red, then black, it's often a combination of the two. which initially makes me think that the colour selector is switched to red and the vibrator system requires a good cleaning or it's binding mechanically somwhere. Given your description of the machine (rust, etc...), the scenario I described is very possible. I'd concentrate on getting the colour selector to work properly first and cleaning everything you can reach with a cotton swab soaked in the appropriate fluid.

I just took another look at the photo of the machine in the first post and it looks like the selector lever is in the stencil (white) position. You definitely need to verify that it's pushed all the way forward - without forcing anything - to the black position.

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05-2-2015 18:02:14  #24

Re: Olympia SG3

Hi Uwe - yes it is very stiff, and as I said, it's one of the bits I haven't touched yet. Also I've noticed that a very light accidental flick of the poinky is enough to change the selector to stencil, so clearly it needs coaxing to sit solidly in the black. I quite like the random effect, but clearly will fix it! There's still lots to do inside the machine. At least I know it works, in the meantime!

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