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16-3-2015 23:56:20  #1

Typewriter with Spell Check

Greetings All

Just browsing eBay and came across an old magazine ad that proves some typewriters came with spell check. May not be the spell check the younger generation are used to, but it's the same one I use when I'm typing.

All the best,


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We humans go through many computers in our lives, but in their lives, typewriters go through many of us.
In that way, they’re like violins, like ancestral swords. So I use mine with honor and treat them with respect.
I try to leave them in better condition than I met them. I am not their first user, nor will I be their last.
Frederic S. Durbin. (Typewriter mania and the modern writer)

21-3-2015 21:09:25  #2

Re: Typewriter with Spell Check

The picture doesn't show up for me, but I'm assuming it's a dictionary?  Lol.


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