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FS: 1938 - Rheinmetall Portable Typewriter - Mahogany - Includes case

Mind the minute indication of any knowledge of the history of these typewriters. This is education under development. Pictures on the site. Need a higher resolution picture, contact me.

1938 - Rheinmetall Portable Typewriter - Mahogany - Includes case

Price: 450 Euro (amounts to 490 USD) Ex shipping.

# Serial number: 225411
Production year: 1938

Model information: I love this typewriter, and will be sad to see it go. It has this very serious feeling surrounding it, yet it's also very warm too. Like a good father. You don't want to catch yourself typing shiitake on it. Rheinmetall did not produce many different models, though it did adjust the model colour a lot and adjust small parts of the machine. This Rheinmetall typewriter is called a portable. Furthermore it's covered with a wood pattern which is often referred to as mahogany or walnut. The typewriter is especially known for its durability and strength. 
The overall condition is great considering it's from before WW2. The only remarks could be the wearing down on certain spots on the lacquer finish (top right of the carriage). A couple of chippings along the edge of the ribbon covers. The 'E' key is slightly worn and the spacebar has it's obvious draw backs. But other than that, this thing is a wonderful piece to add to your collection.

Rarity: Rheinmetall manufactured about 100 thousand typewriters of this model. However this colour, this woody exterior and great condition, make it very rare. Another abnormal rarity is the surviving red spacebar. Most have had their red shell stripped off revealing only a black spacebar. Here we can see what the original must have looked like before. Another possibility is that this was a design flaw which may have been permanently abandoned at some point. 

History: Rheinmetall is a German Arms manufacturer which also produces machines - large ones such as locomotives, railroad carriages and agricultural machines, smaller ones such as typewriters and calculators. After the Great Depression it takes over the production of the portable Stoewer typewriters. Most are just black, others are coloured or are given an imitation wood finish, like this specimen from just before the Second World War.

Previous users: Unknown.

Condition of Typewriter
Keys: Great condition.
Paint: Good. A little wear on the ribbon covers. Spacebar while unique, is also showing it doesn't really like paint for company.
Decals: Great
Platen: Great
Construction: Great 
Function: Good. Was a little slow, but seems to have woken up. Backspace is a little stubborn, but works.

Condition of Case
Lock/Key function: Lock but no key.
Exterior (Paint/Canvas): Great.
Handle: Good, was hurting. But restored.
Construction: Great.

Any extra questions, about shipping and options, let me know.

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