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29-4-2015 15:29:22  #1

Olympia SM2 carriage problems

So I got an Olympia SM2, without knowing anything about it and sort of on a whim.. There was already a problem where the carriage wasn't moving all the time and seemed to get stuck at the end. I pressed the carriage release to move it back to the middle and now it won't stay at all, it just slides right to the end.I was wondering if anybody here might be able to give me any advice on that, thanks if you can.

I've had some advice, mostly about the toothed rail thing, which I've tried adjusting down but with no effect.. Somebody asked what sort of sound it made so I put a video of it on Youtube of the sliding, if that's any use to anybody.

While I was looking around I also noticed something that didn't seem right, on the wheel inside the typewriter there's like a pin type thing, which seems to be sorta hanging off the wheel and I don't know if that's important or has any impact on this issue at all! (verticle, sorry!) Video here anyway!

If anybody thinks they could help with more info too I can provide pics and videos as needed..

Really, any help would be really greatly appreciated, I promised my friend I'd type her a letter! Thanks for reading.


29-4-2015 18:58:56  #2

Re: Olympia SM2 carriage problems

It the carriage hitting the body work of the typewriter?
Then you might have the typical "height problem. This is where the internal organs of the typewriter need a lift by adding a few washers to the screws they are sitting on (under the typewriter). This is because the rubber washers under the typewriter (next to 4 major screws under the typewriter) will have melted away, dried up, disappeared.

Recommend making a video of the body work which the carriage crosses. 

I think the gear looks ok.


29-4-2015 20:37:21  #3

Re: Olympia SM2 carriage problems

Oh yeah, that's "the height problem" TheHammersmith mentioned. It is caused by rubber grommets aging and becoming flat on the underside (there is two of them near the back that you can see when you flip the typer over) of the typewriter. They just need to be replaced by something, whether that be rubber grommets, metal washers, or if you want a quick fix that won't last too long you can stick two pennies where the washers would be.

If you don't know where I am talking about, I can grab my SM3 and take a picture.


30-4-2015 05:43:15  #4

Re: Olympia SM2 carriage problems

It was having issues with hitting the body, and I did get new washers for it. Now it doesn't hit the body but the carriage still slides around without doing anything, lol.

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01-5-2015 14:33:56  #5

Re: Olympia SM2 carriage problems

Does it advance when you type?


01-5-2015 15:46:52  #6

Re: Olympia SM2 carriage problems

Nope! Just sits there at the end (although it locks the keys when it hits the margin, so I have to push it in to be able to type anyway)

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13-5-2015 08:51:28  #7

Re: Olympia SM2 carriage problems

Sorry for the bump, just wanted to update quickly.

Took it to Tom 'The Typewriter Man' in Luton and it couldn't have been a nicer visit, he knew I'd come a long way and so offered to have a little look at it while I was there, next thing I know after watching him expertly tinker for a little while it's fixed!  He even replaced the ribbon for me and it was all so well priced! He said it was an issue with the escapement dog (I think) in the end!

Only good things to say about Tom and I'd recommend him to anybody!

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13-5-2015 19:11:36  #8

Re: Olympia SM2 carriage problems

wbbl wrote:

Sorry for the bump, just wanted to update quickly.

Took it to Tom 'The Typewriter Man' in Luton ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!

Oh how I envy you access to a good reparier!  I've found no such beast within many hundreds of miles of me.  Australia being a huge desert Island with a few people living round the edges.  I exagerate, but that's what it feels like sometimes.


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