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08-5-2013 03:25:39  #1

WTB: Tipp-Ex correction papers

I used to use these all the time, but can't find any in the shops or on line - do we know any source?  Thanks.

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08-2-2014 00:35:03  #2

Re: WTB: Tipp-Ex correction papers

Hi Beak

Just noticed your query about typ-ex strips. Take a look at eBay item # 350993014622 in the USA and see if it is what you are looking for. All the best,



08-2-2014 21:28:07  #3

Re: WTB: Tipp-Ex correction papers

skywatcher wrote:


Thanks.  As it happens, eBay provided hundreds of them - can now correct more typos than I'm likely to make in the next ten years!

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