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21-6-2015 22:06:00  #21

Re: I think I just found a extremely rare typewriter on ebay

BrianE wrote:

Congrads "Mech!" 

Thank you, BrianE.  I am very excited and can't wait until it arrives - hopefully this week.  I hope all the pieces are there because I would love to get it running.  I recently read a post about a beautiful Remington J and I thought to myself, "I'd love to have something like that."  From what I understand, this Century 10 is a cousin of the Remington J (Junior).

BrianE wrote:

Wouldn't putting a reproduction decal on an antique lessen its value?  (They're readily available for telephones & sub-sets and it's source of ethical 'discussion' sort of like painting typewriters seems to be here at TT.)

I think it does lessen an antique's value. I personally wouldn't put paint or reproduction decals on a typewriter unless it were a very common typewriter, in terrible shape and not worth much to begin with.

I plan to clean this one very carefully and "keep it real" as much as possible.



22-6-2015 17:28:05  #22

Re: I think I just found a extremely rare typewriter on ebay

Yes, hopefully will arrive safely.  Nice link for me to learn some of the terms & your blog & very informative & helpful.  Would go into more detail but don't want to crowd your topic. ; )




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