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03-7-2015 17:43:17  #1

Different Backings for Hard Platens

I'm sure it's been discussed.  Just can't find it.

Thinking of better alternatives than wasting extra paper to pad hard platen.

Hardware store might have rubber gasket sheets as thin as 1/64" or .5mm thick.

Anyone tried this? 



03-7-2015 18:10:32  #2

Re: Different Backings for Hard Platens

No, but Ive been thinking of trying that. Im sure it would give it a bit extra grip, but it wont last very long. 

Back from a long break.

Starting fresh with my favorite typer. A Royal Futura!

05-7-2015 12:24:26  #3

Re: Different Backings for Hard Platens

What I hadn't counted on was that it needs *some* hardness.  The letter "o" punches a hole through 28# laser paper everytime.

Slipping a bit of cardstock solved that one but back to square one.  Backing is going to get beat to heck.

Obligatory "More research needed."

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05-7-2015 12:29:02  #4

Re: Different Backings for Hard Platens

We had discussed this on some thread somewhere and I think the consensus was that it would be hard to find something thin enough and off the right consistency etc... 

Most of my typewriters are a bit variable as to what thickness of paper they will accept.  I have some Strathmore mixed media paper that is very thick and tried rolling that in as a backer sheet.  Some typewriters would allow it to roll in, and some wouldn't.


07-7-2015 19:01:54  #5

Re: Different Backings for Hard Platens

Referring to topic here?

Might try it.  Unfortuantely ones at local auto parts store are too small.

Thanks for the tip!

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