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31-5-2013 22:30:37  #11

Re: Freeing up Jammed Typewriter Keys

thetypewriterman wrote:

Several portable typewriter have a typebar unjamming key - most owners don't realise because they have never read the user manual thoroughly !  

A Consul I recently bought has the feature too. I'm surprised that more manufacturers didn't label the backspace key like the one I showed in Post #2 of this thread.

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08-11-2013 00:46:33  #12

Re: Freeing up Jammed Typewriter Keys

I wanted to add that on many typewriters the keytop levers connect to the main body of the typewriter by going through a series of narrow slots. Applying spirits to this area behind the keys can also help free up the motion of the keys.

I recently got an typewriter with sticky keys and it seemed that no matter how much isopropyl rubbing alcohol I applied to the segment, the keys would not loosen up, not even a little. Looking at what other areas could be the problem, I saw the keytop levers extending through slots into the main body of the typewriter.  Applying alcohol to these slots loosened the keys almost instantly.


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