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20-7-2015 20:39:26  #1

Nifty Paper Tray from the etsy

Based on an old design I saw in "Office Appliances", asked etsy seller if she could make one.  Turned out nice I think.

And my typing desk is now complete!

A box of stationary fits in it like a glove, or I can just leave a few sheets out.


20-7-2015 21:31:03  #2

Re: Nifty Paper Tray from the etsy

I love that, it is very elegant.  Don't drop it!


20-7-2015 21:31:21  #3

Re: Nifty Paper Tray from the etsy

Excellent.  It's great to give employment to makers and doers - wish more folk did, rather than buy from China'
Looks like glass, but is it plastic?

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20-7-2015 23:00:39  #4

Re: Nifty Paper Tray from the etsy

What are the pens, Beak?

Smith Premier 4 typewriters are cool!

21-7-2015 05:57:01  #5

Re: Nifty Paper Tray from the etsy

I think its glass. How much was it? (If you dont mind sharing)

Back from a long break.

Starting fresh with my favorite typer. A Royal Futura!

21-7-2015 17:57:06  #6

Re: Nifty Paper Tray from the etsy

$65 which sounded steep until I compared it to a "Design Milano" one for $80. One from etsy much nicer imho. The 'Milano' was a black plastic tray with two glass sides. As Beak pointed out, probably imported, and not from Italy...

And yes, it's beveled glass. Really cool when the light catches it & I can see a prism!

"Spazmelda" nailed it on the head though.  As I was unpacking it, really was thinking, "Do not drop this!"

"Colrehogan" - don't want to leave you out, but... erm... you really don't know about the pens or an inside joke with Beak? 

Anyway, thanks for the compliments!

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21-7-2015 22:40:19  #7

Re: Nifty Paper Tray from the etsy

Sorry Brian, I didn't see that it wasn't Beak who posted the pictures.  Duh! Anyway, I am not familiar with those particular pens.  So,  please do tell!

Smith Premier 4 typewriters are cool!

22-7-2015 15:21:37  #8

Re: Nifty Paper Tray from the etsy

Really nice! And top marks to the seller for the packing job.


22-7-2015 19:21:39  #9

Re: Nifty Paper Tray from the etsy

Yes, seller outdid herself not only on craftsmanship but shipping.  Tray was floated in a new box surrounded by 4" of packing peanuts.  Tray was covered in shrink wrap like a mummy & inside, she padded it with a big piece of foam rubber.  Wish everyone packed that good!


Don't encourage me! 

They are...

On box of stationary from top to bottom:

Waterman "12" in fine silver (c. 1902-1903) - this is an earlier pattern that's more abstract.  Towards the end of this design introduced in 1899.  Can't be earlier than 1902 because of the type of 'feed' that's under the nib.

Waterman "12" in fine silver (c. 1903 - 1908)  - later pattern still "art nouveau" but had things like flowers or leaves in the design.  This one has an ivy leaf.

Waterman "12" in fine silver (c. 1903-1908.)  Same as above only this one has an iris flower.

Waterman "12" in fine silver (c. 1902-1903.)  Variation on "abstract" design.

Waterman "12" in fine silver (c. April 1905 - August 1905.)  Waterman's application to patent the clips used on their pens was filed in April 1905.  It was quickly approved in September of that year.  That's only five months, so if you find one that reads "Pat. Apl'd For" you have yourself a pen some Waterman nuts might be very interested in. 

Pen in the tray:

Late production "412" - sterling silver by this time because fine silver was too soft & wore down too easily.   Cap on the pen also has a flatter two piece crown rather than earlier dome shape.  Pen is probably from 1917 since identica engraved with that year.

That was far more than you wanted to know wasn't it! 


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