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01-9-2015 13:49:01  #1

Service Manual for Olivetti Lettera 12?

Just wondering if anyone has a service manual for Olivetti Lettera 12. I am having no luck trying to locate one online. I found a manual (really just an information card by Olivetti) on an Italian website but that's it. Was one ever published? 


01-9-2015 17:50:55  #2

Re: Service Manual for Olivetti Lettera 12?

Are you after a service or owner's manual? It's unlikely that a service manual would have been published for one particular model given that its parts (and repair techniques) would have spanned numerous models in Olivetti's line.

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01-9-2015 20:26:31  #3

Re: Service Manual for Olivetti Lettera 12?

I was looking after a service manual. I thought it would be a long shot but I thought I'd try. I was hoping to find a service manual to guide me as I attempted to fix a couple other problems.  My 'Backspace' and 'Repeat' do not work now. I took the cover off to put a spring back in place that was causing the shift to be slow once released. I put the spring back in place, put the cover back and put the carriage back on. But once I put the carriage back on, something pops and disengages the repeat and backspace. And I can't figure out what. 

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