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25-9-2015 16:12:52  #21

Re: Anti-noise mat material

That was just an example, but even then you need to look at the sizing: It's $144 for 2,592 square inches of the material. The average felt typewriter pad for a standard typewriter measures around 196, which means you should be able to make roughly 13 pads out of it. $144 divided by 13 = $11 per pad. Not very expensive at all in my books.

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26-9-2015 02:08:26  #22

Re: Anti-noise mat material

No, I totally get what you mean - I just meant for the casual enquirer it's the difference between buying a mat and starting a little cottage industry.

On the OTHER hand, HOW many of us are there here...? Hmmm...


26-9-2015 17:50:36  #23

Re: Anti-noise mat material

Yikes! 13 pads!  As soon as I round up 12 other typing enthusiasts, I may be able to give that some serious thought.

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