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17-10-2015 21:18:48  #1

ozTypewriter is Shutting Down
See Robert Messenger's note at the top of his blog -- seems that too much spam is doing him in.  A shame; his posts are always interesting, and remarkably well researched (his career was journalism, after all).  Don't know if others here look at his blog, but it's always worth a look.  I hope he'll find a way to bring it back.


17-10-2015 21:34:23  #2

Re: ozTypewriter is Shutting Down

I love that blog! I've learned so much from him and I'm shocked and sad to see it go. Such a great resource.

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18-10-2015 00:12:56  #3

Re: ozTypewriter is Shutting Down

Agh... So sad... I've spent hours reading it while procrastinating. It's a wonderful resource and it's very upsetting to see it go.

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18-10-2015 05:22:38  #4

Re: ozTypewriter is Shutting Down

Oh geez, so he's taking the whole thing down?? I'm not really sure that's going to help with the spam problem.. & gmail has a great spam filter. I have a blog with associated gmail address and have to say, Ihave no idea how many spams Iget because they go into the spam folder. (Spam COMMENTS however are another matter. And it would be much easier for me if I were willing to pay for Akismet!)

On the other hand, I know how very much work it is to run the kind of blog that other people need to refer to. I'm sure he deserves break.

Better go through his blog and save anything I feel like I'll need to refer to.


18-10-2015 06:45:34  #5

Re: ozTypewriter is Shutting Down

Hes going to be making another blog. From what Ive found out, he switches blogs every few years. Give him a few months, and there will be an even better blog!

Back from a long break.

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18-10-2015 06:56:04  #6

Re: ozTypewriter is Shutting Down

Someone on the Antique Typewriter Collectors FB page was working on saving all of the prior posts and transferring them to another platform, so hopefully we won't lose access to them forever. 


19-10-2015 20:54:23  #7

Re: ozTypewriter is Shutting Down

Oh no, that's terrible news! He should just start up a new blog with a different email address.


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