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03-2-2017 17:29:06  #1

FS: Brother Deluxe 1300

Hi everyone,

After the SG1 (which is still available for sale), I now sell this Brother Deluxe 1300:





It's serial number is G2347709, which the Typewriter Database dates to 1972. For those who have not followed my endevour in blacksmithing: The main spring of this machine is broken. It has lost tension, I drilled a hole further up to strengthen it, and now the spring always jumps off the hook in the drum. I have given up on that one and I now place it here for sale for anyone else to try. The drawing band is not fastened as well, because I needed to remove the main spring drum, but at least that problem should be resolvable by a simple knot. Otherwise it makes a working impression on me, though I can't gurantee it works as I was unable to test it due to the main spring problem.

The typewriter is clean. It originally contained lots of old oil everywhere, which I cleaned away. The type bars move smoothly.

The machine is located in Germany at the edge of the Ruhrgebiet, NRW. I suggest a price of 20 Euros for it, plus shipping costs to wherever you live. Please PM me if you are interested.



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