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20-10-2017 10:32:22  #11

Re: Need a recommendation for my first typewriter.

Thanks!  I thought there might have been a base model and a De Luxe model.

There's a Staples about 45 minutes from me.  I'll check with them.  Is it typical to use a 3 part ribbon, i.e., black/stencil/red, or just an all black?  Do you think it will come on the correct spools or will I need to wind it on the existing spools?  I'll check it out.

I just might be able to fabricate a temporary solution while waiting for a replacement part.


20-10-2017 12:13:18  #12

Re: Need a recommendation for my first typewriter.

Generic spools should work on your machine, but always keep the ones that came with it!

Typewriter ribbon (at least the vast majority of it - there were a couple of oddball exceptions) is either one- or two-part (one or two colours). When a ribbon colour selector is switched to stencil, the ribbon is not used and the ribbon vibrator does not lift with the keystroke. Whether you use a one or two colour ribbon is a personal preference. Most of my machines are loaded with a single colour ribbon because I have almost no use for a second colour, AND I like to be able to flip the spools upside down and use the other half of the ribbon when the first half is worn out.

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