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26-3-2019 21:11:26  #1

1939 Remington Rand KMC escapement busted

Quick question for you expert typewriter tinkers out there:

On my newly dumpster-dove Remington Rand KMC, everything works except the escapement. I had a 1920 Woodstock with a similar problem once--pull it back to the beginning and Zip! there it goes to the other side, all the way across until the bell rings.

I have pulled the back panel off & can't see much, as the escapement is hidden in the middle of a bunch of metal. Any ideas? The star wheel and the rack look like they're in good shape still. Barring some dust bunnies and live spiders, this typewriter is almost nice enough to use.  

If I push down on a key or on the space bar, then it hangs--and when I take my finger off, then it zips back across again. Something is out of alignment. Can some one tell me which screw to turn?


26-3-2019 22:21:13  #2

Re: 1939 Remington Rand KMC escapement busted

Sounds like one of the dogs is stuck out of the way so it doesn't stop the star wheel. (I can't remember if it's the fixed dog or the moveable dog) Anyway, before you start to turn screws I would try and lube the escapement area with drops of gun oil and see if I could work the dog loose. Then give it some exercise to work the oil into all the little crevices.

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01-4-2019 21:24:00  #3

Re: 1939 Remington Rand KMC escapement busted

Thanks, I tried Kroil and nothing really happened. Now the noise is louder so I guess the dogs are engaging the star-wheel better. What do I adjust?

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