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15-9-2020 07:50:02  #1

Rust v nickel plating

Following from reading Uwe's post on rusty chrome clean-up with aluminium foil.
Does anyone know if it is advisable to use this method on nickel plating? I would think nickel is softer than chrome, and before I venture into cleaning up the nickel plating on my 1930 Remington Portable 3, I would like to make certain it is safe.
thank you in advance,

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15-9-2020 12:11:20  #2

Re: Rust v nickel plating

I haven't had to do much with nickel on typewriters but used to work with nickel plated bicycle parts from pre-WWI and the most abrasive agent I would use would be basically a red gum eraser. maybe a very light buff from some 0000 steel wool, but that's only like a whisper, not rubbing. I've used tabasco sauce on some nickel as well. 
Phil Forrest


17-9-2020 22:09:38  #3

Re: Rust v nickel plating

Wow, thank you for your reply and advice Phil. I shall take your advice and try the eraser (the idea had never dawned on me).
Cheers and take care.

There are no answers...  Only choices.
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