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27-9-2018 13:34:50  #41

Re: The Official Fountain Pen Thread

I would add that inks, like pens, "like typewriters, they multiply at every opportunity." I love inks, their variety - much of it nuanced - but I got caught up in an ink collecting spree and now have what seems to be enough ink to last the rest of my life.

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28-9-2018 14:47:07  #42

Re: The Official Fountain Pen Thread

Yes, few people understand why I NEED three different shades of blue   It's definitely easy to acquire way more ink than reasonably needed!

But whenever I lend out a fountain pen (I usually let people try) they ignore my instructions on how to hold it, let their fingers slide onto/under the nib, and then wonder why it's leaking everywhere.  This may be why people only ask to borrow my pen one time...


15-1-2022 18:50:59  #43

Re: The Official Fountain Pen Thread

I didn't know this page existed here.  I think it's funny to note just how many typewriter people are also into fountain pens!  I myself am favoring my Pilot Prera.  I love pilot fine nibs, since I I a lot of drawing I need a really smooth really fine point.  Monteverde Midnight Black is my go to in that, but the ink capacity is lacking.  Lately I've been singing my letters with the Twsbi Diamond 580 ALR and J. Herbin's emerald of chivor.  Cliche I know.  It's a good shimmering ink, but the finest shimmering ink I've ever seen is Tesla Coil by Birmingham Inks.  It's stunning!

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05-12-2022 01:37:58  #44

Re: The Official Fountain Pen Thread

Well, my fountain pen preferences change often enough to make whatever I say today obsolete by the time you read it.

However, I have been experimenting with making my own iron gall ink from a medieval recipe I found.  There's a park nearby where I collect the oak galls, and also some reeds from the pond to make reed pens (you DON'T want to use iron gall ink in a fountain pen!).  I use the ink with glass and steel nibbed dip pens as well.  I've also made india ink from lampblack soot and gum arabic, but the iron gall ink can come out in beautiful shades of red and brown, depending on the recipe.

There's something about writing with ink and pen that you made yourself.  Next step is to make paper for a totally self-sufficient writing experience.



06-12-2022 11:10:58  #45

Re: The Official Fountain Pen Thread

Very cool! I've been playing with BLOT's iron gall ink, which has been fun, as well as blending mixes of various manufacturer's inks. Have yet to make anything from scratch (though I sometimes ponder it while flipping through the John Neal Books catalog...). 

Do you have any recommendations for glass pens? The one I have is nice, but is EF-EEF, so I tend to only use it with very, very wet inks or those that feather tremendously (e.g. Noodler's 54th Massachusetts).


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