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27-9-2018 13:34:50  #41

Re: The Official Fountain Pen Thread

I would add that inks, like pens, "like typewriters, they multiply at every opportunity." I love inks, their variety - much of it nuanced - but I got caught up in an ink collecting spree and now have what seems to be enough ink to last the rest of my life.

28-9-2018 14:47:07  #42

Re: The Official Fountain Pen Thread

Yes, few people understand why I NEED three different shades of blue   It's definitely easy to acquire way more ink than reasonably needed!

But whenever I lend out a fountain pen (I usually let people try) they ignore my instructions on how to hold it, let their fingers slide onto/under the nib, and then wonder why it's leaking everywhere.  This may be why people only ask to borrow my pen one time...


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