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Re: new to the forum

thank you very much. 2800 is alot of parts. can you tell me the name of the special tool used to work on these? it looks like a star but none of the sizes i have fit. if you ever need anything let me know. i've taken apart 5, so 2800x5=boxes full of parts.


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Re: new to the forum

I think you mean the fluted wrenches called Bristol Wrenches. They look like allen wrenches, but have grooves down the sides instead of six smooth sides. Here's where I bought mine:

Yes, I could use some spare parts. As these machines are now all between 27 and 52 years old, the plastic parts fail first. The cycle clutch pulley (white plastic main gear that the belt runs on) and the Tilt Pulley Bellcrank (white plastic part on the carrier that the tilt tape is connected to). I'd love to have some good spares of these if you have any. Cracks in the cycle clutch pulley aren't a problem unless they extend into the belt cogs.

I could also use a charcoal TAB key button for a Selectric III. The on/off rockers and tab set/clear rockers are also commonly needed in gray and charcoal.

I can send you my address offline if you have any of these parts. Thanks.

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Re: new to the forum

pm'd, and thank you for the wrench info!

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