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02-10-2013 17:41:18  #1

Royal flatbed - Parts needed

This is a bit of a long-shot, but does anyone have a parts Royal Flatbed? I need a carriage lever, and the escapement frame. 

My machine was damaged by USPS, and a seller that obviously found packing things effectively to be just as hard and too difficult to do, as writing 'Fragile' on the box.


03-10-2013 00:49:25  #2

Re: Royal flatbed - Parts needed

I feel for you; I've had a couple of eBay machines arrive in completely battered condition.

 assume you mean the Royal 5? I almost bought one last year from a local antique shop but decided against it because it needed parts. I wonder if the lever off another Royal, like the 10, would fit? The same might also go for the escapement parts. Can you post a photo of the "frame"? It sounds like something that might be easily fabricated.

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03-10-2013 07:07:12  #3

Re: Royal flatbed - Parts needed

It is actually a Royal 1, which is why this is all the more tragic. But the lever and the frame are the same between the 1, and the 3/4/5. 

As for the offending broken frame, i'll see if I can cram a photo up tomorrow. 

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