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04-1-2016 15:07:07  #1

Film Links

Here are a few links to instructional films relating to typewriter use, technique, and maintenance:
United States Navy Training Film (MN-1512a): Basic Typing - Methods 

United States Navy Training Film (MN-1512b): Basic Typing - Machine Operation

United States Navy Training Film (MN-1512c): Advanced Typing - Shortcuts

United States Navy Training Film (MN-1513): Maintenance of Office Machines

Typing Technique (British, 1945): Video is geo blocked, you must be in the UK or use a proxy server to view it.


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26-10-2016 23:58:32  #2

Re: Film Links

I apologize if I'm breaking protocol by posting something that is of no use to anyone, but I just wanted to say thanks for these videos. They're incredibly cool.


30-10-2016 16:16:32  #3

Re: Film Links

Yes, I second Myshkin's remark  !


30-10-2016 16:28:58  #4

Re: Film Links

Hey!!  Wait a minute, now!!!  Just who out there is saying something is of no use to anyone?!!  And who is anyone, or the one who is speaking on behalf of anyone?!  My point is this:  There is NOTHING that is of no use to anyone--there is someone out there who might find it rather useful for his or her purposes.  And I don't think there is anyone who would even want to speak for everyone and deciding whether or not something is completely useless.  Not even Uwe, our moderator, could or would do that.  The way I understand it, every viewpoint is welcome.  That's what a forum is and should be--a place where all viewpoints are expressed.

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05-4-2017 20:48:01  #5

Re: Film Links

The past experiences here were captured for posterity but I wonder if they knew that the typewriter would still have its uses today. Typewriters were a Luddites dream. A big part of the war involved sending coded messages and the way to avoid interception from radio signals for instance, was by typewriters. Love the videos! 

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