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23-2-2014 19:07:12  #11

Re: KHM18 - How much to pay

Gotcha. Thanks.


16-5-2014 20:36:12  #12

Re: KHM18 - How much to pay

Underwood self adjust.    I picked up a 1941 Underwood Standard a few months ago at a thrift shop--needed cleaning of course.  Thought I was a good cleaner, and went to work.   I liked the action.  But...the upper case and lower case letters were not alighened.   Upper case was too high.  I tried everything to adjust it; got service manuals on line.  Nothing worked.  Finally, I packed it up and drove it 400 miles to a repair shop.  When I got there and explained my plite to the repair an, and showed him the machine...he type was aligned.   I was amazed!  I felt like a fool.   Did the vibration of the drive adjust the machine?   The repairman suggested a cleaning, as, he said,  a cleaning cures many ills. So agreed. and $80 later I walked out comfortable.   I did like the action of that typewriter.    
    The question is,   did the vibration of the drive adjust the typewriter?


16-5-2014 20:44:57  #13

Re: KHM18 - How much to pay

I too have had good luck in thrift / charity shops, but have found that attitudes to price vary wildly according to location.  In cities and large towns everything 'old' has a price premium - ridiculously high, often - but in smaller towns the things are often much cheaper; had an Olivetti Lettera 35 in perfect condition for $6 from such a shop.


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