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30-3-2013 15:24:51  #1

Smith Corona Super-G Ghia

Since I mentioned this beauty in another post, I thought I might as well show it off.

I really couldn't put my finger on the attraction, but I just love the look of this typewriter. It types well too. Very nice to use.

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30-3-2013 18:44:10  #2

Re: Smith Corona Super-G Ghia

Nice catch!

I absolutely love the racing stripes on its case, , and there are two things that I immediately like about the typer itself: The flatness of its design, and the nice oversized paddle on the end of the line space lever. Too often on ultra-portables those levers are impossibly small and awkward to use without breaking your rhythm at the end of each typed line.


31-3-2013 07:08:21  #3

Re: Smith Corona Super-G Ghia

Another nice feature is that the handle is part of the typewriter rather than the case. The black ridge that sticks out at the front of the machine is a pull-out handle, this means that if the lid isn't on properly the whole typewriter doesn't go crashing to the floor when you pick it up.

Does anyone know if this came in other colours? All I've seen are the turquoise ones.

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05-6-2014 00:29:25  #4

Re: Smith Corona Super-G Ghia

I have always wondered if those supper small portables are that nice to type on.  I have one, a Royal from Holland, and while it types pretty good,  the larger protables all type more comfortably.


05-6-2014 10:39:20  #5

Re: Smith Corona Super-G Ghia

@Guess I'll Try:  They also came in a dark orange and possibly other colors.


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