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07-6-2018 16:06:37  #1

Chromed Smith Corona 5 series

Wow, is all I can say. Don't use in direct sunlight!


07-6-2018 16:48:55  #2

Re: Chromed Smith Corona 5 series

I normally scoff at the high prices that some people ask for typewriters, but in this instance I actually think that it is well worth the money.  Where would you get another one ?  And it has been so well done too !


07-6-2018 19:00:27  #3

Re: Chromed Smith Corona 5 series

Although I always prefer machines in their original look, that's a beautiful one for sure. You'll get tan typing in direct sunlight, though.


08-6-2018 00:46:01  #4

Re: Chromed Smith Corona 5 series

Greetings All

As soon as I saw the first picture, I figured this must be the work of Dean Jones (Writertypes on eBay). The letter in picture # 8 confirmed it. The last chrome S-C Silent Dean sold on eBay went for just over $400. Anyone who has read Richard Polt's "The Typewriter Revolution" will know that Dean's work on the "Turbo-Platen" is noted on page 348.

All the best,



08-6-2018 16:46:58  #5

Re: Chromed Smith Corona 5 series

You could chrome plate your own machine for less than half the cost of that typewriter, if that's what you wanted. There are certain typewriter models that I think could benefit from such a treatment, but this machine isn't one of them. The plastic dark green keys don't work with chrome, nor do the olive-green parts such as the paper table and platen knobs. I actually think it looks garish, but then again, to each his own.

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