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11-1-2018 22:34:17  #61

Re: What kind of paper are you using?

I generally use standard printer paper.  I have typed in just about anything I can roll in there though.  Tissue paper, napkins, playing cards, a piece of leather, canvas, etc.  I have done watercolor paper, but it’s a bit thick...though it takes the ink nicely.  I tend to like the more ivory colored paper, in a thicker textured card stock.  It just looks nice.

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13-6-2018 16:56:41  #62

Re: What kind of paper are you using?

I rarely use Standard printer Paper because its so thin...

I do 90% of my letters on “Original Crown Mill - Laid Paper 100g in A4 size” then fold in 3 and use the same envelopes.

See here for pictures of the paper:


14-6-2018 23:11:12  #63

Re: What kind of paper are you using?

I have been using the El Cheapo paper that I swipe from the office.  Two sheets!  One to type on, and one as a platen-saving backer.
Its okay. 

But I *do* have some NOS high-grade paper squirreled away for those special occasions that have never come up.

I riffle through the old carbon copies of letter my mother typed back in the 1950's, and they (the copies, not the originals), and they were typed on onionskin paper.   That might be cool to have around for special occasions...

I've scanned in some of our very old greeting cards.  I might print them out on high-grade cotton paper and use that as my stationery, killing two birds with one stone.

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