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03-7-2018 11:21:58  #1

Olivetti Lexikon 80

It's been a while since I've been trying different typewriter models that I can find here in Brazil. Not all models are easy to find, due to low importation, and sometimes they're really overpriced. Overall, Olympias and Olivettis are my favorites. I tried the Olympia SM3 and 9, but the carriage shift of the former slows me a lot. And I tried the Olivetti Lettera 22 and the Studio 44. The Studio 44 has its share of critics, but I just love it. So I should say that the Olympia SM9 and the Olivetti Studio 44 are my favorite typewriters (while I didn't like the Hermes 300 nor the Royal Quiet De Luxe, for example).

It's also been a while since I've been wanting to give a next step and try a Standard Typewriter. I'm really curious to see the difference when compared with the portables that I like. I want to know if a Standard typewriter is really preferable over my favorites portables. But, here in Brazil, we don't have many options of Standard typewriters well preserved and affordable. There are some Royals and Olympias, but always overpriced, like $100-150. Or in terrible conditions, since they don't have covers etc. The best option are the Olivetti Standards, since Brazil had a Olivetti Plant in São Paulo. This means that we have planty Olivetti Typewriters around the country, and always cheap. If I'm going to try a Standard, it'll be a Olivetti one. Now, I find three models: the Lexikon 80, the Linea 88 and the Linea 98. I got my eyes on a Lexikon, due specially to its design, that I love. And the price is ok, something like $50.

My question is quite simple: is it worth buying an Olivetti Lexikon 80? Is it a good Standard typewriter? Is it better than the SM9 or the Studio 44? Since I don't have much space around, I can't afford to have a big typewriter lying around just to figure out that my portables were better. The portables I can sell easily, but there are less people interested on Standards. So, what you guys think about the Olivetti Lexikon 80? Should I give a shot or would it be like having two Studio 44?


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Re: Olivetti Lexikon 80

I like standards. I always feel like portables are giving up something for the "portability" factor. Image quality and keyboard feel are the biggest factors in the typewiter experience, in my opinion. And the standard typer doesn't cut any corners in giving the user those qualities.

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Re: Olivetti Lexikon 80

I would definitely go for the Lexicon 80.  It is an excellent typewriter, beautifully engineered almost regardless of expense (unlike the later Olivettis like the Linea 98 that were built down to a price).  I'm sure that you will enjoy using it.


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Re: Olivetti Lexikon 80

I tried a Lexikon 80 recently. I must say that I don't much of a difference compared with the studio 44. The touch is pretty much the same, it's just as quiet, etc. The difference, for me, is only on some general features that differentiate standards and portables: the paper sits higher, at face level, the weight makes the machine stay fixed, without moving, etc. Not sure if it's worth the money and the espace, since I'm a little short on both haha.

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