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10-10-2018 20:11:13  #1

I don't know where to say thank you

This is what happened.

I found an old, almost working typewriter at a garage sale and brought her home.  I scoured the internet on the best way to restore her and landed here where there are amazing, genius, helpful people who inspired me to get her typing again.

I discovered that the typewriter doesn't mind my dyslexia.  It doesn't judge me for my foibles.  

I started typing.

I kept on typing.  

I finished the first chapter and showed it to some people.  They said, "this isn't a chapter, it's a book."

More thing happened and I teamed up with a gifted artist to illustrate the book.

And this is where we are today - a book about to be born.

A huge thank you to everyone here for inspiring me to type.



11-10-2018 12:14:26  #2

Re: I don't know where to say thank you

Congratulations! They say everyone has a book in him/her; this seems like something that you, with your obvious expertise on a specialized topic, were indeed the right person to write.

Just curious -- how long ago did you starting writing it? Sounds like it was a great process for you. 


11-10-2018 12:42:03  #3

Re: I don't know where to say thank you

Research for the book started many years ago.  I've tried writing the book many times but it wasn't until I used a typewriter that things really took off.

I sat down at the typewriter late last winter with an aim to practice typing.  The book just tumbled out.  Since then it's been an adventure learning about publishing.  

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