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01-8-2018 12:40:37  #1

Remington Noiseless Portable - just landed

This arrived through the post today.

Needs a deep clean, but to my inexperienced eye seems to be doing all the things it was designed to do, but could probably do them a bit better. I intend to only use it for light work, bad poetry a speciality. 

I'm surprised they got away with the name Noiseless. I suppose the Remington Somewhat Less-Noisy Portable doesn't flow off the tongue so easily...

Serial number: N73484. The original box mentions 1935. 



01-8-2018 12:42:35  #2

Re: Remington Noiseless Portable - just landed

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01-8-2018 16:11:12  #3

Re: Remington Noiseless Portable - just landed

RobMacKillop wrote:

… I'm surprised they got away with the name Noiseless. ...

You should know that Noiseless was the name of a typewriter manufacturer that had devoted itself to developing quiet typewriters. The company was taken over by Remington, and those models became know as the Remington Noiseless. I've tested a number of different typewriter models (Silent, Noiseless, Quiet, etc.) using a decibel meter, ones that promised a hushed performance and compared them to their regular counterparts, and in most cases the difference was marginal. The Remington Noiseless models were among the most effective. 

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01-8-2018 16:36:10  #4

Re: Remington Noiseless Portable - just landed

Cheers, Uwe. I was actually just reading about the Noiseless company before reading your post. I got delivery today of Anthony Casillo's book, "Typewriters", which has a few mentions of them. Lots of evolutionary dead ends in that book - fascinating stuff. 

Most of the typewriter histories seem to focus on the US, as most of them are written by US citizens for US publishers - I don't have a problem with that at all, but would also like to  read more about European and Japanese typewriter histories. Any suggestions? In fact, don't answer here - I'll start a new thread for that. 

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20-10-2018 05:25:39  #5

Re: Remington Noiseless Portable - just landed

Check your feed rollers for flats. These noiseless machines dont clack or thwack like a corona when the platens are viable. They are beautiful typers with a refined typeface. The typebar linkage in them is more cantilever style than catapult. They have 7 feed rollers i believe last time I took one down.


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