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25-10-2018 22:20:39  #1

Olympia SM3 issue. Not sure how to proceed.

Hello everyone! My name is Max, and I'm the proud new owner of a fine "new" Olympia SM3 made in 1958. I got it for $45 dollars off the LetGo app (if you haven't tried it, give it a shot), and from what I could tell it's in very good condition, with one or two exceptions.
The 'B' and 'I' type hammers, if that's the correct term, will not fully travel to the platen.
I've done my best to do my due diligence, but repeated cleanings with mineral spirits haven't helped. Neither do the hammers themselves appear to be off center and striking the guide. It looks almost like they aren't getting lifted high enough.
I read that it's possible that this might have something to do with the margin relase or maybe even the linkage itself. If that's the case, I really don't know what to do. So that's where I'm stuck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!


28-10-2018 19:13:01  #2

Re: Olympia SM3 issue. Not sure how to proceed.

Are all the other type bars hitting the paper normally?


28-10-2018 19:19:10  #3

Re: Olympia SM3 issue. Not sure how to proceed.

Yes they are.

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30-10-2018 22:05:32  #4

Re: Olympia SM3 issue. Not sure how to proceed.

I would start by running a thin, pointed knife blade through the slots in the segment to see if you might dig out some lint in there. Then I would look at the mechanical linkages to see if any wires seemed to be bent unnaturally.

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