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02-1-2019 19:58:27  #1

My Small Typewriter Collection

Hi All,
New member here, but have lurked for quite some time (several years actually).  I grew up using a Royal Quiet De Luxe from the time I could walk that my parents got as an anniversary gift in 1955.  That was my first exposure to typewriters.  In college, I used a Remington portable No. 2 I found at an antique store for $10 for all of my papers, and actually typed my first resume on it.  

Fast forward many years and here I am again using (or collecting and fixing) typewriters.  As a math instructor, I'm particularly fond of machines with math symbols.  I have two such typewriters: a Remington Portable 2 from 1926, and an Olympia SM 4 from 1958.  On the hunt for more.

Here is a gallery of my small collection to date (hopefully this is okay to do on the forum as per "the rules"):

My Collection

One of the typewriters I was inspired to find because of Uwe.  Can you tell which one?  



03-1-2019 13:05:33  #2

Re: My Small Typewriter Collection

Welcome, Chuck! Nice group of machines you have. I'm betting it's the two-tone Underwood!


03-1-2019 23:54:01  #3

Re: My Small Typewriter Collection

First to comment, and you are correct.  I saw Uwe's two tone brown/green a year ago in the photo sub and had to get one.  The blue/gray is pretty nice as well, but I still like the brown/green a bit better.  Oh well.

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04-1-2019 09:05:13  #4

Re: My Small Typewriter Collection

Fantastic collection, Chuck.  And don't think that the fountain pen and slide rule didn't go unnoticed!

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