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07-10-2018 06:41:39  #1

Triumph Perfekt best years

Hello everybody. I got my hands on a Triumph Gabriele, but wanted to upgrade to a Perfekt and was wondering what are the best manufactuing years -- if it makes any difference in the quality of the machine as it happens for other brands. Thanks.


22-1-2019 13:05:08  #2

Re: Triumph Perfekt best years

Hello Lapo,
I have a Triumph Norm-6 of 1951 vintage. I wanted a Triumph as I have a Triumph T 90 motorcycle and was fascinated by the connection with the typewriters of the same name and very similar logo. Both enterprises were of course owned by Siegfried Bettmann, a very enterprising gentleman.
The norm-6 is the same as the perfekt but has no tab mechanism. Mine is the boxy case and is the only experience I have of Triumph Typers however I rate it very highly. It types beautifully and has a nice action. So I would recommend this model as being very good. I think the same mechanism was carried to the next styling,more rounded.
I hope this might be helpful and not just blurring the issue. Good look in your search.


08-2-2019 21:30:40  #3

Re: Triumph Perfekt best years

My only experience with Triumph typewriters is a 1938 Norm 6. One of the best typewriters in my collection and highly recommended. I would assume the Perfekt of that year would be of similar quality.


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