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01-4-2019 21:28:45  #1

FSOT: IBM Correcting Selectric III

I have a tan IBM Selectric III that I want OUT of the house ASAP. I have to move soon and it's not a machine I like--I prefer prewar manuals. Just couldn't see a good typer go to the junkyard so I salvaged it from the city dump.

The GOOD: it looks really nice and still has the type ball.

The BAD: While it barely hums when powered on, I have only gotten it to type three letters. The machine is very gummy with old oil and if it were cleaned I bet you dollars to doughnuts it would type.

I'd trade it for project fountain pens, Victrola records, etc. but honestly, money is more interesting. $15 takes it. It's in Florence County, South Carolina and I'd deliver it to a nearby area.



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