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16-7-2019 13:27:41  #1701

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

I picked up a 50s Remington Standard recently, with no. 39 Bold Bulletin 6-pitch type.  Single case-- the shift keys are locked.  The platen is nearly new (guessing this didn't get a lot of use?). It calls for 9/16" ribbon, but seems to work fine with the 1/2" I had on hand.  Interestingly, the paper bale scale starts at 0 in the middle... guessing centring titles was a primary use for the machine.

Not sure if I'll permanently devote precious shelf space to this curiosity, but for now the whole family is having a blast typing prank "who ate my yoghurt?" notes to leave around the house!


17-7-2019 08:54:29  #1702

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

M. Höhne wrote:

That's so neat! Yesterday I too got a 1946 S-C Sterling and an Olympia SM9, both in excellent condition. Now I wonder what I did wrong to miss a Kolibri. Based on my numbers, you paid about $55 for the Kolibri, eh?

Sorry for the late answer, but actually no:-) I paid 80 danish kroner for the Groma wich is about 12 USD so it was an absolute steal. The Sterling was around 40 USD and 20 for the SM9. Happy days.


25-8-2019 16:22:15  #1703

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

In the past three weeks I've acquired three ultraportables.
A Kolibri for for what I thought was a very good price. Nice appearance but I spent 2 weeks getting it functioning properly.
A Royal Royalite that has turned out to be a stellar typer after I cleaned out the pyramid of erasure crust in the machine.
A Montana (Ver 2 of the Rocket clone) that I haven't received yet. It will be interesting to see how it compares to my Hermes Rocket.
I'll have to post pictures later. 


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