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19-9-2019 15:06:57  #1

IBM Model 11C

Just purchased an IBM Model 11C (per the manufacturers tag).  When attempting to decode the serial number for the production year at the typewriter database, appears that this is classed as just a model C but the serial number of 209795 did not seem to match the format. Noted that my machine has the ribbon spools mounted vertically, whereas the models in the database have them mounted horizontally.  I believe this to be one of the machines produced in the late 50's.  There also seems to be possibly 2 letters (DD - possibly for Department of Defense??) added before the serial number at some time.  There is a service tag affixed to the underside front that identifies this as a Model 11 with the serial number of 209795.  I would appreciate any info for clarification. 


19-9-2019 18:03:29  #2

Re: IBM Model 11C

Can you confirm where the machine was manufactured? IBM's serial number system varied depending on the country origin. 

For example, my Canadian-made Model 11C with a serial number of 79047 was manufactured in 1962. The same number on a machine made in France would be a 1965 model.

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19-9-2019 22:13:37  #3

Re: IBM Model 11C

Thanks for your response.  The serial number plate states "Made In U.S.A."  so I am presuming that this was produced for the US market.  That being said, the serial number seems to be shorter (at 6 digits ) than those listed in the typewriter database. This machine also has what appears to be "DD" hand stamped before the actual serial number.   I am also assuming that this is an earlier version of the 11C as the ribbon reels are in a vertical vs horizontal configuration.  I have not figured out how to attach photos to this post, or I would upload them.  Thanks again for any insight you can provide. 

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Re: IBM Model 11C

Regarding posting photos:

Vertical spools are not indicative of an early model, but one that uses a carbon vs. fabric ribbon. Some typewriters, like a Facit that I own, have both systems. I'm assuming your typewriter has "Executive" written on the fascia above the keyboard?

Hopefully you can post a photo of the serial number plate and maybe a general one of the entire typewriter; I'd like to see that before I speculate any further on what it is that you have.

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