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30-10-2019 00:51:00  #1

Carriage stops halfway along while typing. Ideas?

Hi everyone,

I have a Remington Model 5. When I type on it, no matter which key I press, the carriage gets stuck after while, and won’t move any further. When returning the carriage to its centre point, there is also resistance before I can do so.

Any ideas?


31-10-2019 15:24:52  #2

Re: Carriage stops halfway along while typing. Ideas?

You might take a careful look at your platen to see if there is a bulge in the middle. I have an old Royal KHM that binds towards the right and it is because there are several bulges in the platen rubber. My understanding is that old platen cores were either wood, which might become warped or swell, or they were covered with a sheet of lead as a sublayer. The lead would corrode slowly over time and the corrosion would lift up sections of the rubber outer covering. Not sure if this is your problem, but it's worth checking. Best of luck.

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31-10-2019 21:39:50  #3

Re: Carriage stops halfway along while typing. Ideas?

I’m not an expert on repair, and my knowledge barely exceeds that of a basic layman, but I might be able to help out a little bit. Your problem sounds similar to an issue I had with my ‘27 Remington Portable when I first got it. It would type fine until I got about halfway across the page and then the carriage would stop completely. I poked around and discovered that the drawband had slipped off its track on the mainspring and had tangled around the screw that mounts the mainspring. Once I had reseated the drawband in its track (and the little guide pulley further along) that resolved the issue; I’ve not had any problems since then.

I’m not that knowledgeable on Portable 5 mechanics, but knowing Remington I would say the setup is probably similar -if not identical- to it’s 1920s predecessor. I hope this can help!


01-11-2019 01:27:33  #4

Re: Carriage stops halfway along while typing. Ideas?

Awesome. Thanks for the info guys. I’ll give that all a go after work later!

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