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12-2-2020 22:28:55  #1

CCR Prefix on Remington Remette

Greetings All

A couple of days ago on a local Kijiji site, a seller listed a Remington Remette with the serial number CCR23780. The CCR prefix does not show up on The Typewriter Database and all the CR prefix Remettes have a 6 digit serial number. Does anyone know if this prefix indicates that this machine may have been made in Canada? Thanks and all the best,



13-2-2020 16:13:02  #2

Re: CCR Prefix on Remington Remette

I checked all of my Canadian Remingtons and none use that prefix. There are CXs, CJs, and CMs in there but none, including all of those manufactured elsewhere, use a three letter prefix. Did you see a photo of the serial number? It's very possible the seller misread the third digit; maybe it should be an 8 instead or the reported R? 

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