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17-2-2020 17:07:46  #1

New Baby

This little bundle of joy came today.


17-2-2020 22:23:30  #2

Re: New Baby

It is interesting that the typing chart shows the left thumb being used (as well as the right) for the space bar. I don't recall exactly how I came to use the right thumb exclusively on the space bar (I taught myself by reading a short article) but I have heard it said as a piece of trivia that the only one of the ten digits that is not used in touch typing is the left thumb. To each his own I guess.

Bangin' around, this dirty old town, typin' for nickels and dimes...

18-2-2020 00:33:25  #3

Re: New Baby

Hi Tree Faller

I brought a 1936 Imperial Good Companion back  from England in 2013 and finally tracked down an owner's manual a few years later. I was amused by what the instructions said about using the space bar when practicing typing, then going on to do regular typing. I quote from page 13 of the Instruction book:

"Then do the whole line, and when using the space bar always do so with the thumb opposite the hand with which the preceding stroke was made."

I just found this interesting as so many typing instruction books say to only ever use your right thumb only. All the best,



18-2-2020 08:20:31  #4

Re: New Baby

Re which thumb to use on the spacebar: Good Grief. I would not be surprised to learn that speed typing contestants used whichever their reaction times dictated rather than following a rule that said "keep your left thumb out of the way" or pausing to consider which hand made the preceding stroke. Would not be surprised to learn that whoever wrote to only ever use the right thumb was a right-handed person (not that we will ever find out that bit of info). And what about the poor unfortunates who manage with two-finger hunt and peck---they have to re-train themselves?

This re-enactment enthusiasm is getting out of hand!  ;-)


18-2-2020 08:58:48  #5

Re: New Baby

I realize that I type with only my index and middle fingers, and usually only space with my left thumb, not the right. Never took a typing class. But it works for me.


18-2-2020 11:09:20  #6

Re: New Baby

I am a proponent of the "hunt and peck" method. 

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