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04-4-2020 05:56:56  #1

Coronavirus Typewriter Pen Pals

This suggestion is from my darling wife who thought that with lots of people worldwide in isolation to slow down the spread of this terrible disease, it might be an idea to start a typewriter 'Pen Pals' thread for the exchange of postal addresses (maybe by PM).  Most snail mail postal services are still working normally, so why not spend some time sending and receiving typed letters ?  A great way of stemming the boredom of being stuck indoors at home and giving each other something to look forward to when a beautifully typed envelope comes though your letter box.  Just a thought !


04-4-2020 11:28:28  #2

Re: Coronavirus Typewriter Pen Pals

I think it's a great idea, and it dovetails with the existing PenPal thread (I've just pinned that thread so it remains at the top of the World of Typewriters sub-forum).

I started a typed letter a week ago to a friend who lives on the other end of the country, and the first page is still in the machine... Despite the extended home stay it seems that I'm too busy to finish it off. I partially blame the garden; the weather in Toronto is finally suggesting spring and the more time spent outdoors helps rid the doom and gloom of being confined to quarters.

The pronoun has always been capitalized in the English language for more than 700 years.

12-4-2020 23:48:50  #3

Re: Coronavirus Typewriter Pen Pals

Me, too.
The keyboard is willing, but I am amazed at the unending little jobs and projects that have been amassing in my to-do list, and none of them allow for time required by my 48-key friend(s). (This "working from home" thing ain't all its cracked up to be.)

I must make time to put on an anti-COVID 19 mask, go down to the stationery store, pick up some suitable high-grade paper, carbon paper, and maybe some onionskin, if possible.  And start typing my annual Christmas letter.
At this rate, I might get it done by the end of the year.

-- Ardie and the Skyriters


27-4-2020 14:19:24  #4

Re: Coronavirus Typewriter Pen Pals

I am always up for new pen pals.


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