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17-4-2020 10:35:21  #1

Royal 10 Platen Removal

I have searched but have not been able to find anything on this forum, or elsewhere, in regards to the removal of a platen from a Royal 10 machine.  I removed both knobs and the other set screws but am not seeing a clear way to remove the platen from he carriage.  It appears that the right side of the carriage may be removable but also appears that it may be fixed in place with rivets.

In the picture above (which is after I reassembling everything, I removed everything I could from the right side except for the screw with the green arrow because I do know have a screwdriver or bit to fix the slow at the moment.  The green arrow screw connects to the paper release and does not attach to the left side of the machine.

With everything off that I could remove there was no clear movement in the right side plate.  There are two small black pins indicated with the yellow arrows.  Consider these have a screw next to them I think they are pins and not rivets but they are holding tight and I don't want to force anything.

There is also a rod into which the screw indicated with the blue arrow threads.  The screw comes out but the rod seems it might be permanently fixed to both sides of the carriage and again, I don't want to force it.

There are also three screws which seem to attach the platen to the rod which I have not managed to loosen yet, indicated by the red arrows in the second picture.  I am not sure if these play a role in the removal of the platen.

Help on this matter is much appreciated.


17-4-2020 11:07:38  #2

Re: Royal 10 Platen Removal

To remove a Royal standard platen, you would remove the left knob, remove the two platen set screws on the right side, and then, with the right knob still attached, holding the right knob, pull the platen shaft out from the right side. The platen will then be removed.


17-4-2020 14:17:06  #3

Re: Royal 10 Platen Removal

Wonderful, got it, thank you.

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