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03-1-2018 12:54:38  #41

Re: Typewriter Pen Pals

Done, Radczek. --

And while we are at it and at foreign language learning... If there's a spanish-speaking student around here, I'd like to improve my Spanish with a Spanish penpalship. Just drop me a PM.



04-2-2018 13:58:36  #42

Re: Typewriter Pen Pals

Hey everyone,
if there's anyone out there still looking for someone to exchange letters with, I'd be more than happy to drop you a line!
I've been sending handwritten letters to my pals for years now, and would like to get to know another typewriter enthusiast via snail mail.
My fist language is Dutch but my pals are from other countries so I write in English. I can also read German, I just can't reply in it ;-)


03-5-2018 02:10:50  #43

Re: Typewriter Pen Pals

Hi everyone - I'm based on NE Thailand and run an organic farm and rice mill. Who would like to correspond with me via snail-mail? Send me a PM


27-6-2018 15:40:26  #44

Re: Typewriter Pen Pals

For those of you that do Facebook, I recently started a group called Typewriter Pen Pals. Feel free to join. Otherwise, you can PM me for my address.

I just recently got (back) into typewriters when I found a Brother Charger 11 for $10 at Salvation Army. I'm on the lookout for a Smith-Corona.


Gregory Short
Typewriter Pen Pals Facebook Group

27-4-2020 14:21:49  #45

Re: Typewriter Pen Pals

No activity in this thread for two year but I'll hang out my shingle for new pen pals, PM if interested.


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