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15-3-2020 18:53:37  #1

Repair instructions for a beginner >underwood 3

I've an above-average understanding of things mechanical, but a beginner as far as nomenclature, technique, the lot when regarding typewriters. I have several machines now, but plan on using my Underwood #3 (1928) to learn on. From what I understand, its a very appropriate machine for this. I've seen all kinds of repair literature available, but nothing specific to this machine. Anybody know? Also, is there much difference fundamentally between my #3 and a #5? In addition to specific instructive material for the Underwood, is there another book I should be looking at?


27-4-2020 15:26:34  #2

Re: Repair instructions for a beginner >underwood 3

I have been going through somewhat the same thing with a Royal 10 of similar vintage.  I have found a lot of value in the Pheonix Typewriter Youtube channel.  Even though most of the videos are about different machines, there is a lot that applies widely, especially within a given period, and they can help make you more comfortable inside your own machine.

From my experience, start by taking things apart just a little bit, then put them back together, then something else small next time.  You will learn a lot and the operation of the machine will become more clear.  Document everything with pictures and labels about how it came apart and where every screw and part goes.  Hopefully that helps you with your project.

Also, make sure you don't jump in with modern screwdrivers as they are cut difference than old screws; screwdrivers and bit sold for gun smithing will save you a lot of headache and keep those hard-to-replace screws looking good.


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Re: Repair instructions for a beginner >underwood 3

I inherited two rifles and a gunsmith's tool set including about 20 screwdrivers from my grandfather. He was into black powder hunting andand I cant say how much those have saved me, I also mess around with Sturmey Archer stuff and all of the accessories and parts had this weird slot that I never could find a screwdriver to fit. Its easy to wreck them and every three speed bike I work in has the screw slots destroyed. Every single screw and other part used by Raleigh, including S-A, was made in the in Nottingham works complex. Maybe they had proprietary screwdrivers, too. I never could find a screwdriver to fit those screws until I got that gunsmithing kit. Also, since I posted that (I should probably delete it) I've learned a lot. I've been deep into a few of my machines since then, successfully rectified all kinds if trouble with my Noiseless, and am working on the Fox.
  What I was specifically looking for was a repair manual for the Underwood 3. I've not found one, but I don't need to, the Underwood 5 is almost identical except for the carriage. There are several manuals available online for the #5, and there was little difference between those Underwoods and later models (with exceptions) so I've found all I need for that.
  I never had time for anything besides modest repairs and cleaning, I've used typewriters my whole life, but I've not had to work since November, and have had time to indulge in the hobby. The know-how grows almost exponentially-- every time I fix one component, I know how to do it on every other machine. So in a way, actually exponentially.
  In the last few months i've met a few of the serious typewriter people out there, especially concerning my Fox, and its been nice that everybody's been so helpful. Except for the WD40 vs PB'laster comment which was know-it-all nonsense and not what I was asking. MSDS? Whatever. I'm referring to a post, which was about the PRACTICAL difference between the two. I've seen a lot of discussion on this but loads of contradictory opinion, so I put up a post just to say something-- days after the moderator told ne there was no such thing as a stupid question. So I started asking stupid question and was shot down by one of the first replies. So I don't post anything here anymore. But I do appreciate nice and helpful things and its sad that I am so surprised by niceness and helpfulness. Watch somebody reply and correct my grammar

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Re: Repair instructions for a beginner >underwood 3

Hmmm. I thought that having some authoritative, knowledgeable answers about the intended, designed purposes and techniques might help with your question, which was: "I've seen a lot of discussion on this but loads of contradictory opinion, ..." and then on a website full of regular people (i.e., not chemists and engineers) you ask for yet more opinions while rejecting the offered sources. Is this what passes for research these days?

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