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04-6-2020 16:24:17  #1

Royal KMM / KMG typebar rest material?

I just got a $17 Royal KMG. Aside from the right side carriage knob getting cracked in shipping, it's in great condition. Dirty as can be, but everything is there. I see a gem in the rough. That said, I'm wondering what the material is that the typebars rest upon. Mine is white and flaky rubber that I want to remove and replace. It looks almost like I could replace it with some 1/4" automotive hose with a piece of felt adhered to it. This is my first standard, so it's new territory for me. Does anyone have any ready-made solutions or is this a case where I fab up something like I described above?
I just completed my last class of my graduate studies. Just a couple papers left, a massive presentation next wednesday then I'm done. Can't wait to take a break and get this machine really working nicely.
Thanks all.
Phil Forrest


05-6-2020 10:44:36  #2

Re: Royal KMM / KMG typebar rest material?

Sounds like your idea to use rubber hose is a reasonable solution providing its size matches the existing repose height of the typebars. The KMG is a tank and a very nice typer; one of the most filthy, well-used machines I ever bought was a KMG and it cleaned up really well. Mine had a full blown mouse nest in it, every part crammed full of the detritus of rodent housing, but a thorough cleaning and maintenance revealed a typewriter that could easily be my daily typer if it wasn't for the SG1...


05-6-2020 16:14:54  #3

Re: Royal KMM / KMG typebar rest material?

I just took a long bristle brush and worked loose most of the lint and junk in the machine and sucked it out with my shop vac. I learned unexpectedly that after removing the metal plate below the platen, that the rollers just pull right out (and up into the vacuum nozzle). Nothing damaged though. Underneath, the typewriter was just garden-variety dusty with a couple cobwebs, no nests here. Now, what is it with eraser shavings?! This is the second typewriter that I have worked on now that is bound up with eraser shavings. I'm going to have to get into the segment with a needle and clean out each slot. Every key will strike but the little bits of red rubber have hardened up in various places and take a bit of gentle coaxing to be removed. A SC Galaxie I fixed up for a friend was awful with shavings, but that portable is much easier to access and remove everything. The eraser is becoming the bane of my existence. People should own their mistakes and just strike-through. ;)
The platen on the KMG is gorgeous. It takes a bit of a fingernail impression. I brushed it with a green brillo cloth (like the dishwashing kind) and hit it with some MaxPro Rubber Rejuvenator. The rollers got a spray of that as well. 
The keys are mildly disgusting. Not as bad as my cheapo Silent-Super which I used toothpaste on (worked a charm!) But these glass tops are daunting. I don't want to break off any of the rings, so I may only use a wipe on the keys, scrub with a dry toothbrush and hope for the best. I'll be posting some images soon.

Phil Forrest
I can't wait to stick a sheet in this machine and write. 

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06-6-2020 16:04:31  #4

Re: Royal KMM / KMG typebar rest material?

UPDATE to the subject of this thread.
I removed the typebar rest, thinking it would flake away but it was really just covered with what appeared to be a coating of white out and eraser shavings. I used some rubber rejuvenator on it and it cleaned right up. It is actually pretty supple rubber, considering its potential age. No fabrication of the rest is needed, thankfully.

As for the typewriter itself, I spent a few hours early this morning scrubbing the machine gently with a sponge and soapy water, while listening to the radio and drinking a couple cups of coffee. It's not pretty but it's clean. I got the segment cleaned out, slot-by-slot, with an xacto knife and a lot of patience. I think I pulled out about a tablespoon of formerly-packed eraser material mixed with ancient ink and white out. Amazing how much volume is shared by those slots. I used a rocket blower (for photography use) to gently ensure the individual slots were clear, then I hit it with some graphite. I scrubbed the slugs with a toothbrush and some windex since I can't use the maxpro stuff indoors and didn't feel like taking the machine out to the backyard. I used some synthetic watch oil (which I use on camera escapements) on as many moving points as I could find. The main carriage track got a very fine smear of moly grease for the support bearings.
I rolled a ribbon onto the old spool and stuck a sheet of paper in.
I knew this was an elite typeface since I had seen the 12 on the escapement wheel while cleaning the carriage but was still surprised when I saw that everything was working almost perfect. The left carriage height adjuster (term?) needs to be turned in about 1/4 turn then the lower case letters will be aligned perfectly with the upper case. Ribbon vibrator works well and doesn't stick or drag. Everything is great.
Being my first standard size typewriter, I was so pleasantly surprised at how light the touch is. These keys just need to be tapped and they will fly to the paper. 
I'm very happy with this great typer.

Phil Forrest

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11-6-2020 02:54:20  #5

Re: Royal KMM / KMG typebar rest material?

Phil, are the support bearings ball bearings on a track with little gears to keep them in place?  If so I  think you will be happier in the long run without the moly grease as it will attract dust over time and the ball bearings will operate fine without lubrication.  If you want the bearings to move smoother you could try to smooth out the track a little bit with very fine sand paper and get a couple new ball bearings from a bike shop.


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