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05-5-2020 15:47:47  #191

Re: SG Owners Club

Hmmm -- well I added the URLs from Imgur but they do not seem viewable on my end. Maybe the pics have to be reviewed by admin first?
Thank you for any assistance


05-5-2020 16:04:25  #192

Re: SG Owners Club

Hi jaimzb, see this page for help on posting images:


05-5-2020 16:43:29  #193

Re: SG Owners Club

Thanks, Lau.

jaimzb wrote:

Hmmm -- well I added the URLs from Imgur but they do not seem viewable on my end. Maybe the pics have to be reviewed by admin first?

I fixed the links in your previous post, and images are not reviewed before they are posted. The problem was the links from Imgur you were using are not the right ones. If you don't see a '.jpg' at the very end of the link it's not the correct one for posting in forums. I haven't looked at the FAQ in a while, so maybe I need to update it.
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05-5-2020 19:01:59  #194

Re: SG Owners Club

Ahh! Good to know. The funny thing is, as a test I pasted the link into a browser and the images worked.  I copied the Imgur links as shown, but yes, I will make sure it has the .jpg ending next time.
Thank you very much.


05-5-2020 19:07:28  #195

Re: SG Owners Club

Possibly the link works for me, even though it does not have the .jpg ending because it is from my IP address. I have some more photos to post (one is a neat, mint green Olympia SM9 with universal keyboard), so I think I get it now. Thank you again!


22-5-2020 10:11:07  #196

Re: SG Owners Club

Greetings, SG People!

I'm so pleased to be able to report to this prestigious group that I have recently procured two (2) SG1 machines. I had intended to only obtain a single SG1 - one with a standard Pica type style. I'd come across SG1's in the wild over the years, but all of them had type styles that didn't meet my needs (all-caps, micro-sized type, etc.). At some point, I was given an old and abused SG1 for free, as it was, sadly, so trashed there was little hope of restoration -  a parts machine it became. Last week, a seller about an hour from me posted two SG1's - one was my long-sought for Pica machine and the other had standard Elite type - BUT - the latter had the acrylic paper rest! So, I cut a deal and went home with both. The paper rest was transferred to the first machine, and now all is well. I have been spending a lot of time writing on this dream machine, and am thrilled with its performance. Patience Is Golden.

EDIT> Corrected typo as requested (Uwe)


18-6-2020 17:37:44  #197

Re: SG Owners Club

Fellow SG1ers, I'm in need of some sage advice. The tab bar on my machine is warped. It may have been the result of being exposed years ago to heat or perhaps cigarettes - I really have no idea. I want to remove it and install a replacement. I have parts machine to salvage from, but I can't figure out how to remove the tab bar. Does anyone have any insights for me to be able to perform this surgery? 


21-6-2020 08:54:16  #198

Re: SG Owners Club

Update: Success! After procuring Ted Munk's SG1 Typewriter Repair Bible, I found the procedure for this operation. Thankfully, it was quite simple and all worked out perfectly. I recommend this book for anyone who uses an SG1, It's packed full of interesting insights, diagrams of all components, parts lists and repair/adjustment instructions. A must-have reference guide for the SG1 operator in your lives...


15-7-2020 15:31:13  #199

Re: SG Owners Club

I have three sg1 and I have a few questions for the specialist on this forum.
It is difficult to find answers on the internet so thank you to the admin for creating this forum.

There are several versions of the sg1. With slight variations on the parts.
For example on my older machine (a German one) the back button is more smooth. It has a different system. I think I will put this system on a machine that I will use.

My questions are especially about the basket. There are 2. The new and the old style. What is the best for you?
The one with the straight bars or the one with the curved bars.
I cannot use the one with the straight bars because the machine keyboard is in German. My other two machines have curved bars.
I wonder if typing with the straight bars is better. And if in the long term it feels better.
There is a cheap machine with the straight bars near my home. So I Wonder if I must buy it or if the basket change nothing.



23-7-2020 09:30:49  #200

Re: SG Owners Club

I already have a standard desktop (Royal KMG) and have very little room, but I want one of these so bad, after falling in love with the action of my Olympia SF. Holy cow, these are nice machines. Unfortunately, there are two of them on goodwill now...
Phil Forrest


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