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19-5-2020 04:26:45  #1

Vintage Typewriter Paper

Here is my collection of vintage typewriter paper. All is vintage with the exception of the paper with mint green designs (to the right of the Mead pad) and the bottom right which is letterhead from Oblation Papers and Press in Portland, Oregon.
Please post photos of your typewriter paper.
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28-6-2020 00:13:17  #2

Re: Vintage Typewriter Paper

Hi Amelia

Here's my small collection of mostly vintage typewriter paper. The Campus paper belonged to my first wife who was a bit of a doodler in high school and filled in the letters.

The Funtime doodler pad is only a few years old and is not really typewriter paper, but it makes for fun letters to my cousin's children. I might find a few more pads and packages if I dig deep enough, but this is a start. Come of fellow forum members, respond to Amelia's request and fill this thread with pictures of your perfectly pretty papers.

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28-6-2020 00:26:52  #3

Re: Vintage Typewriter Paper

Thanks for sharing Sky! 🙂
I really like the typewriter graphic on the Campus notepad.   My blog:  
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