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20-6-2020 15:46:32  #1

Carriage shakes the floor

I have an underwood noiseless standard (1947 or so). Really enjoying it! However, when the carriage comes back down from a capital letter, my oh my, it sounds like I've just dropped an engine. It sends that vibration through my solid oak desk to the floor. It's quite a thud but also my old house and old wood floors are really good at broadcasting sounds throughout. It wakes the young twin toddlers in the other room.
It's on a felt mat. Has anyone any ideas? Is there a rubber bumper or anything that could have hardened?
Was wondering about putting a yoga mat under the current mat? Maybe I should have my desk on some padding?


29-6-2020 19:25:23  #2

Re: Carriage shakes the floor

Are the two carriage lift springs attached? My 1940 Underwood Noiseless standard sets down firmly, but not with a crash. If you tip it up you should see the springs hooked on two "L" shaped brackets that hang down, one on each side, at the rear corners.

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