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27-7-2020 09:34:10  #1

Underwood - Model 12 (any help is much appreciated!)

Yo guys, first time poster here and I hope I'm hitting up the correct sub-forum.

I bought an Underwood Model 12 from a lady in East Harlem like 8 years ago because I really just wanted an old vintage typewriter. I really don't have a better story/reason for wanting one. From what I can tell online, it's an Underwood Model 12 and that's really about it. I was hoping someone else could help me understand how old it is or anything else cool about it? See pics below.


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Typewriter: Underwood Model 12

27-7-2020 10:32:14  #2

Re: Underwood - Model 12 (any help is much appreciated!)

There was no Underwood 12. I cannot view the pictures, but if you are seeing a "12" as a decal or in the serial suffix, it refers to the carriage size of your machine.


27-7-2020 13:31:47  #3

Re: Underwood - Model 12 (any help is much appreciated!)

If there's a '12' on the keyboard surround it's almost certainly a Model 3 - and unlikely an early typewriter. 

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