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02-4-2021 14:32:43  #271

Re: SG Owners Club

Pete E. wrote:

Whatever the origins of this machine, it does seem an exercise in cutting out/down some of the weight/bulk of the SG1 and SG3 machines.

Maybe a prototype effort that proved too Olympia was moving into their electric offerings...???

The carriage of this mystery machine does have some similarities with the carriage on the SGE30 in both the move to a metal paper support and the white plastic carriage release knobs on the left and right side, but moved to the top of the carriage cover.

Maybe a better name might have been SG-Monika...rather than a SG2...???

Could it maybe be an early version of the SKM? I believe that was some sort of compact desktop.


02-4-2021 16:46:04  #272

Re: SG Owners Club

The SKM was basically a long carriage SM9 in a larger casing to make it look more like an office machine.  I think that Olympia were probably trying to go for the same market as the Adler Special - not that it was a particularly large market.  The Adler Special had a long production run but few sales compared with their standard office typewriters.


03-4-2021 00:17:41  #273

Re: SG Owners Club

On Reddit, I found a post with two more of the "mystery" Olympia standards, which I think may just be SG3 variants:



03-4-2021 07:02:19  #274

Re: SG Owners Club

Thanks...and these two have "proper" Olympia basges, too.


03-4-2021 07:06:20  #275

Re: SG Owners Club

Only one Olympia SMK displayed on the TWDB.  Here are a couple of the photos :



30-5-2021 20:57:36  #276

Re: SG Owners Club

Well I was able to snag another plastic paper support on eBay this past week.  $ 40 including shipping.

Will give it a try on my machine to see if it will allow a forward-facing mount.  Will report back when I get the part in the Post.


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