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18-7-2021 07:27:07  #1

Olympia SGE 45...In-Coming

Figured since I dipped my toe into the waters of electric and 1970's more plastic machines with my Facit 1840, I should look for an Olympia electric.  I landed on a SGE 45.

This one did not show up on eBay with my typical searches of "Olympia typewriter", etc. Sort of stumbled upon it with less used search-parameters.

No one else seemed to have hit on it. I was the only bidder at the opening bid of $ 39.

Surprise is that it is Cursive-script. And it is a machine that was still made in West Germany.

All-in with shipping and sales set me back $ 60. Should have it home next week.


26-7-2021 15:15:34  #2

Re: Olympia SGE 45...In-Coming

Machine arrived professionally packaged and there was absolutely no damage.

Carriage was even secured with nylon tie-wraps on both ends and void above the type-slugs was filled with bubble wrap.

Seller had a bit of a "typo" in their eBay description.  Rather than being a SGE-45 is really is an SGE-35.

From its serial number, it was made in Western Germany in 1974.  All body panels are still metal, not plastic.

More photos in a day or two after I clean it up and do a service.  All functions work...just a few key-levers a bit slow returning in the segment.

Motor is very quiet and carriage movement is very smooth.  The 2 small toothed drive belts look brand new.  Not dry or cracked anywhere.  Will plan to use a bit of belt-dressing on them.

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