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03-7-2021 14:03:27  #1811

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Very happy with my first Remington. A budget typewriter that doesn't feel cheap at all. Impressed with the build quality and workmanship.



04-7-2021 08:26:28  #1812

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Very nice !  Congratulations.


20-7-2021 13:39:43  #1813

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Just took possession of a Continental 100 Wanderer Werke. I have serial number but do not know how to zero in on model. I have looked at the database, but it doesn't really help. Every keyboard I can see for the model has a 1 on the top-left key, but this one has a $ sign.




23-7-2021 00:08:11  #1814

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

I'm happy to say my latest acquisition, a 1967 SM9 is a definite keeper. But the case is even worse than the picture I posted. Its badly stained, even after scrubbing with Simple Green and a brush. Anyway those things don't trouble me much, as long as the machine works and it works great.


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