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23-11-2021 11:15:51  #1

Facit 1630 - Made In Korea...

Does anyone know a bit of the history of a portable Facit 1630 machine, made in Korea (probably in the mid to late 1970's) ?

First thought it might be a Brother...but not sure about that. 

Did Facit just sell off the name when they were closing-up their world-wide operations ?

Here are a couple of photos I found on old Etsy sales offering :



23-11-2021 12:31:35  #2

Re: Facit 1630 - Made In Korea...

Sure has some Brother-ish signs about it but I'm no expert


23-11-2021 18:19:39  #3

Re: Facit 1630 - Made In Korea...

I am pretty sure that we are looking at a re-branded Silver-Reed, from the period when the Japanese tooling was sold to Korea.  Slightly lower quality than the Japanese made-machines with a tendency for the keytops to break, but with a softer platen.


23-11-2021 19:42:34  #4

Re: Facit 1630 - Made In Korea...

Hi Tom,

I think you nailed it. 

Here is a similar Silver Reed and even the cases look alike.

Any info. on how the "Facit" name made its way to Korea ?  Was it just in the public domain by then. 

I do know some Japanese-made "Facit" electric typewriters were produced for a while.  But nothing to do with Sweden, if I understand correctly.

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24-11-2021 03:07:06  #5

Re: Facit 1630 - Made In Korea...

The picture is of the previous generation Silver-Reed with the metal outer casing, probably one of the last made in Japan. As to how a Korean plastic cased S-R ended up being branded as a Facit is anyone's guess !


25-11-2021 13:26:17  #6

Re: Facit 1630 - Made In Korea...

Wouldn't it have been a case of what is all-too-common now, even common then, of a manufacturer turning to private label producers? Many typewriter manufacturers - particularly when budget Japanese machines flooded the market and the profitability of domestically produced models waned - switched to putting their names on the machines produced by other companies. It seems that Facit also followed that practice.

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